Al-Falah Interchange

Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Al-Falah Interchange is located some 40 km to the South-East of the centre of Abu Dhabi island, and around seven kilometres to the East of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Detailed Scope

The objective of the project is to accommodate the future traffic requirements at the project area.The development consists of the construction of two directional ramps and two loops, as well as modifying and widening for some existing parts including road, structural, drainage, utilities protection, and electrical works.

Road Works

The road network will include approximately a 4.9 km single carriageway, 4.10 km dual carriageway and a 1.4 km triple carriageway. The structural works will mainly include the following:

  • A bridge on Direct Ramp E crossing over Al-Sweihan road.
  • An underpass on Direct Ramp E passing under Al-Falah road.
  • A bridge on Direct Ramp F crossing Al-Sweihan road.
  • A bridge on Direct Ramp F crossing Al-Falah road.
  • A bridge on Direct Ramp F crossing over Direct Ramp E.


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