Buna Swing Bridge

Shkoder District, Albania


The Buna Swing Bridge is part of an important route, located on the northwest part of the country in Shkoder District and is linking the border with Montenegro. It is to be constructed 300 m after the existing bridge.

Detailed Scope

The design included eleven simply-supported spans of 24 m length, having three modules of continuous slab. The bridge is a cantilever swing bridge that provides access to ships taller than six metres in height. The bridge has a total length of 276 m, a total width of 13.5 m that comprises two lanes of 4.75 m width each, and a dual carriageway of 2 x 2 m width.

The civil works included the construction of the approaches and road segments linking the bridge with the existing roads in addition to the construction of the bridge itself. Construction works also encompassed the installation of a stand-generator for the movable swing-span.


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