Irrigation & Hydraulics

The continual growth in world population places an increased demand on water resources, whether for agriculture, industry, drinking water or sanitation. Conserving water as well as effective water storage and dissemination is essential if the growing demand is to be met.

Population growth demands increased food supplies and therefore larger and improved agricultural practices.  Originating in a region characterised as being one of the world’s first agricultural civilisations, where irrigation has been at the core of its development over thousands of years, ACE PM has had the chance to gain specialist and holistic know-how in this sector.  This depth of understanding and experience is still harnessed today with many of our experts working to contribute to the development of new and innovative techniques for delivering water to our communities.  At ACE PM we have successfully delivered many national and international projects in the Middle East and Africa, demonstrating our immense knowledge in the field.

The multi-disciplinary nature of our company means that we are able to combine the relevant spectrum of knowledge needed to deliver irrigation and hydraulic projects.  Our outstanding and track-record in this field can be seen in our extensive portfolio of projects, including the construction of irrigation systems, canals, drains, regulators, dams, barrages and other hydraulic structures.

  • Dams & Barrages
  • Irrigation Networks
  • Locks
  • Reservoirs

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