Water Supply & Sewerage

Water projects are an integral part of a nation’s infrastructure and strongly influence aspects of planning and development.

Through our wealth of knowledge in the fields of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering, and public health works, we are well positioned to manifest our management competence to deliver projects in this sector. Our long history in managing major water supply and wastewater projects is complimented by our ability to provide environmental services through our group affiliates.

Our main areas of expertise include: infrastructure, public utilities and municipal services; water supply and distribution; sanitation, sewerage, wastewater treatment and disposal; industrial water treatment; stations, substations and plants; infrastructure management, operations and maintenance; cost planning, estimating and budgeting; and investment programming and implementation.

  • Distribution Mains
  • Pumping Stations
  • Sewerage & Treatment Plants
  • Sewers
  • Water Treatment Plants

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