Contract Management & Administration

ACE PM strongly believes that the contracts and agreements drawn-up between the various parties are the key to ensure the project’s success. Our experience shows that if the contract conditions are fairly and properly prepared then no party would feel aggrieved and therefore concentrate their efforts on the project deliverables.

Our expertise spans all forms of contractual relationships involving almost all forms of contractor and supplier reimbursement methods. Our developed risk management capability assists us to see through the contract duration to ensure that all parties understand and formally agree on a share of risk and responsibilities that would deliver a successful project. Our team of professionals manage and administer the service including:

  • Advising on the issuing and receiving of instructions to confirm that they are in accordance with the contract.;
  • Facilitating the communications with the contractor and acting on behalf of the client when and as appropriate;
  • Managing and certifying payments in accordance with the contract;
  • Overseeing any change control procedures which may affect entitlement to extensions, schedules of defects and/or incomplete work;
  • Certifying final account payments and release of retentions upon the successful resolution of defects.

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