Design Management

The sixty years plus of design and engineering experience of ACE Group enables us to manage and control the project design in a way our competitors are unable to replicate. We develop design documentation processes that facilitate the project in accordance with our clients’ objectives and standards, as well as adhere to the project budget and time constraints.

We provide advice on the engagement of consultants and designers and aids in the project definition stage and in setting the efficient organisation structure to deliver the project.

Development and monitoring of schedules and controlling the information management procedures are among the services we offer our clients.  These services are essential when managing large teams where clear communications are paramount.

We also focus on monitoring design development by advising on contractual, financial and functional implications of the design options.  Additionally we maintain program progress reporting and manage the design discipline interfaces ensuring a fully coordinated design.  These efforts culminate in effective communications with the construction team, approval authorities and other stakeholders.

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