Furniture, Fittings & Equipment Management

Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E;) and Small Operating Equipment (SOE) procurement and supply are often overlooked when contemplating a large building delivery package. However it is often the smaller items contained within a building that give it its unique features that distinguish it from other buildings.

These packages need to be integrated with the construction process and require coordination with consultants, contractors and suppliers, some of whom may not be directly related to these processes.  Our experience shows us that coupling our clients’ expectations with the technical specifications of FF&E is a key aspect towards achieving their goals. Additionally, a robust FF&E procurement methodology, with an understanding of the global supplier marketplace, is crucial in achieving value for money as well as de-risking projects.  With over thousands of contracts, consisting of a considerable number of sourced items, suppliers and contractors, we have built a strong database of a wide range of contract suppliers and high-end bespoke manufacturers.  These understandings and strong interactions within the FF&E market allow us to deliver a variety of design solutions to suit budget and design specifications.

Our FF&E and SOE management services include procurement strategy, large-scale procurement, competitive tender management and evaluation, product value engineering, commercial negotiations, budgeting and quantification, contract and purchase order formulation, mock-ups, prototypes and process management shop drawing reviews, contracts administration, logistics management, management of the manufacturing processes, quality assurance and inspection (both during and after manufacturing), quality control, payment certification, on-site supervision and inspection, hand-over and inventory control.

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