Procurement Management

Our procurement management service ranges from advising clients on selecting the right consultants, to identifying the contractors and suppliers that meet the demand of complex projects.

We utilise our experience and knowledge of the regional construction market to implement an effective procurement strategy at the outset. Our approach is to establish a positive sourcing methodology that strives to develop a mutually satisfying agreement for the delivery of goods and services. Key to our approach is ensuring that long term positive working relationships are developed which aid our current and future clients.

Our extended procurement management services include:

  • Defining a procurement strategy;
  • Short listing consultants, contractors or suppliers using a formal pre-qualification procedure, or based on our extensive databases of capability and performance records, and/or conducting market trawls;
  • Issuing the tenders and/or the RFP documents and managing bidders’ questions and answers (Q&As);
  • Advising clients on the potential impact of bidders’ Q&As on the tender documents and assessing and reporting the financial impact of the tender Q&As;
  • Managing and ensuring the effective flow of information and documents among all tender participants;
  • Performing value engineering and cost-benefit analysis services;
  • Providing risk analysis services;
  • Performing technical and commercial evaluations;
  • Price, and terms and conditions negotiations
  • Formulation and issue of contract agreements;
  • Issuing recommendations of awards to clients, in the form of reports and/or presentations.

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