Time Management

During the whole project management process we strive to put in place a best programme that delivers the project for our clients, which in the end comes down to robust scheduling and time management as a main contributing success factor.

A project schedule highlights the critical activities and milestones, offers the basis for resource planning, and provides the foundation for cost monitoring and control.

The process includes:

  • Identification of key actions and milestones enabling the delivery of the project;
  • Identifying and documenting relationships among programme/project activities;
  • Estimating the quantities and types of materials, equipment, supplies, or number of people required to perform each activity;
  • Assessing the number of work periods required to complete activities including an assessment of estimated resources;
  • Analysing the sequence, duration, resource requirements and schedule constraints of activities, to create the programme/project schedule;
  • Monitoring the status of the program/project to update progress, together with managing changes to the schedule baseline.

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