Value Engineering

Our perception of value Engineering is that it is a multi-disciplinary approach focusing on ensuring quality, performance and functionality while minimising construction, operation and maintenance costs.

Our belief is that value engineering is a valuable tool which can be used to challenge a design in a constructive manner. With a large and diverse range of in-house engineering and construction specialists we are well positioned to undertake value engineering assignments for our clients. Our primary objectives when undertaking value engineering studies include:

  • Determining the viable design alternative and scenarios;
  • Optimising the value ratio of function-to-cost;
  • Improving quality, increasing reliability and availability;
  • Providing the client and the other project participants with effective decision making tools;
  • Improving the time schedule and the effectiveness of our procurement management services;
  • Reducing risks;
  • Viably minimising the project life- cycle-cost.

ACE PM has an in-house team of Certified Value Specialists that have both the pertinent academic background and hands-on experience, making them well prepared to undertake every assignment in an efficient manner. Our Certified Value Specialists primarily embrace SAVE International (Value Society) value methodology job plan to achieve their required goals.

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